Artist’s Uniform #9: Tailor Rowland

(rejected proposal, March 2013)

My thirteen-year live artwork, Artist's Uniform, is scheduled to end on May 16, 2015. After each AU ends, all of its clothing and accessories are taken out of my closet and stored. I have been saving this performance residue with the idea that I would alter (customize) it into artworks in a range of ways, as yet undecided. AU #9: Tailor Rowland would be a tailored art exhibition / installation -- much in the tradition of my sacrificed clothing sculptures.

Some possible alterations: decorative / narrative quilts; a shoe-and-sock rainbow arch; a Bedouin-inspired tent; custom uniforms for specific people; fabric T-shirt or jacket paintings; saw-horses with zebra-print pants; a double-sided clothing mosaic created by weaving items through a metal storefront grid; Russian nesting dolls (in the order of the Uniforms); stuffed animals with miniature uniforms; a costume-making party; and/or new clothes for my two-year-old daughter Union, made from my old clothes. These sculptural experiments will have various direct or poetic relationships to the themes and experiences of each Artist’s Uniform.


1:12 scale models for A- and U-shaped clothing racks made from basswood, wire, paper, and glue. A: 6” x 6” x 4.” U: 6” x 6” x 3.5”