Harris Rowland Rowland Rowland Harris Rowland, WE ARE NOT PAINTERS, 2016, Four Lego constructions after paintings by Daniel Buren, Olivier Mosset, Michel Parmentier, and Niele Toroni (each 15" X 15"), two vinyl banners (40" X 24"), shelves, screws, paint, and metal push pins. Dimensions variable. Part 5/6 of The Realist Manifesto.

WE ARE NOT PAINTERS, 2016, (part 5/6 of The Realist Manifesto) draws on the short-lived Paris-based art group BUREN MOSSET PARMENTIER TORONI (formed by the painters Daniel Buren, Olivier Mosset, Michel Parmentier, and Niele Toroni), which challenged notions of originality, expression, authorship, and subjective meaning in painting through their collective "manifestations" in 1967. Stripping away pretensions (theory becomes practice), reducing their work to mechanical acts and shapes based on daily objects in the world (ie: vertical striped awning fabric, no. 50 paintbrush marks, folding and spraying painting canvas, etc...), and using the tools, sites, and concepts (speci?cally branding) of advertising and mass media—this could be another version of the search for the “real.”

Using the Lego company's pick-a-brick online catalog, I custom-designed and ordered readymade Legos in order to replicate each of the BMPT artists' signature painting styles. The 1:6.5 scaled sculptures are approximations in their measurements and exactitude but their designs are unmistakable in their origins. These simulations of the "real" paintings seem to transcend the utilitarian function and imaginative guidelines of Lego -- one is suppose to build in 3-dimensions -- architectural or mechanical designs preferred -- but passive paintings (and mosaics) seem to be taboo. My daughter Union and I then took our Lego constructions in their custom travel bag to an actual BMPT retrospective at the 205 Hudson Street Gallery at Hunter College in New York City where we staged our own BMPT-inspired manifestations in and around the original BMPT paintings. These are documented in two banners that can accompany the paintings or not.

BMPT Lego consturctions grid Buren Mosset Lego constructions Parmentier Toroni Lego construction BMPT Lego manifestations with Union